Using an ePRO tool to help meet quality metric reporting standards: Screening for tobacco usage and falls risk

The purpose of this study was to document the effectiveness of using an electronic Patient Reported Outcome (ePRO) system to facilitate compliance with ASCO QOPI standards and with JCAHO and MIPS falls risk assessment standards. This study used a retrospective, observational design with ePRO collected via the Patient Care Monitor (PCM), a web-based ePRO system linked to electronic medical record data. This study demonstrates that using an ePRO system is an effective way to screen for tobacco usage and falls risk and can be used to: 1) monitor health-related behaviors to enhance physician-patient communication; 2) provide an audit trail for QOPI, JCAHO, MIPS and other quality metric reporting. Automated collection of PRO data allows the healthcare team to focus their clinical time on patients showing increased risk. Overall, an ePRO system contributes to creating a culture of excellence at community oncology practices.

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