Regulatory Studies

Explore patient subpopulations in even the rarest cancers with our AI and data products that include genomics and linked claims for a wide array of novel study designs, including External Control Arms.
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Feasibility Assessments

AI-enabled, research-grade RWD let you explore criteria to simulate and compare patient population size and characteristics and quickly find those who benefit – and those who are underserved – by current therapeutic approaches.



External Control Arms

Deeply curated RWD along with other data sources bring a complete understanding of hard-to-access patient populations, including biomarkers, treatment history, comorbidities, and disease burden for robust, high-confidence clinical study designs and External Control Arms.


Study Optimization & Site ID

AI-enabled applications combine our use-case engineered data products with your internal first-party data to more rapidly prioritize the best sites and investigators for successful clinical trials.

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Statistical Analyses

Our experienced team of scientists and AI-enabled technology solutions bring significant efficiencies in trial data analysis and can implement new and novel data and analytics techniques for RCTs, pragmatic trials, external and synthetic control arm studies, or adaptive studies.


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