Integrated RWE Solutions

eurekaHealth is an enterprise RWD and AI solutions environment designed to integrate and enrich multiple data sources and provide a more holistic, in-depth view of the patient experience across research disciplines.

Clinical Development

Use-case engineered, integrated RWD within eurekaHealth's enterprise AI solutions environment provides rapid patient insights with greater clinical depth and the ability to compare patient cohorts across different datasets to accelerate clinical development operations.

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Post-Approval Analyses

Our industry-leading RWD within eurekaHealth support retrospective and prospective research, pharmacovigilance monitoring, and provide predictive models, virtual registries, and a novel “subscription study” model for HEOR and epidemiological studies.

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Translational Sciences

AI-enabled, deeply curated clinical insights combined with the broadest NGS mutation coverage helps researchers and clinicians better understand the underlying mechanisms of disease, and more rapidly advance better diagnostics and treatments for patients.

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Commercial Patient Solutions

Specialty pharmacy and data aggregation across therapeutic areas  to provide a unique view into therapy initiation, adherence management, and total value from higher compliance.

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